Nutrition Services in Pikesville, MD

Are you stressed out, tired, on the go, and not sure what to eat?  Do you or members of your family suffer from food allergies or sensitivities, or require special dietary needs?  Are you suffering from a chronic health condition, trying to lose weight, or just not sure what to eat to help you feel better?  Does coming home late and worrying about what to eat or feed your family make you anxious?

If so, nutritional counseling may help!  I offer personalized nutrition counseling sessions, where I work with you to determine your unique goals and challenges.  We will work together to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle, and make these changes a part of your everyday life.  Whether you feel best with a personalized meal plan, working with me to learn easy new cooking techniques, or just need some guidance on where to focus your energy, I will provide the support you need to help you feel your best.

Rachel Buechler, MS CNS LDN:

I am a licensed nutritionist who is passionate about helping people feel better through food.  As each person that walks through the door is unique, with their own goals, challenges, and biochemical individuality, our sessions are unique as well.  What works best for you might not be the best approach for someone else, which is why a diet plan that works great for a friend might not work at all for you.  Whether you just need help figuring out how to eat a balanced meal, learning how to cook, or need a more structured meal plan, I am available to support you through all of your nutritional challenges and successes.  I enjoy helping clients figure out the foods that help them feel best, so you can have more energy throughout the day to focus on the things you want to do!

Package Offerings (out of pocket, each session is approximately one hour):

• Initial session $120.00

• Follow-up session $ 95.00

• 3 session package $300.00

• 7 session package $670.00

• 5 day personalized meal plan package $195.00

• 1 hour private grocery store tour $100.00 (depending on location)

*All packages must be purchased up front and expire 6 months from date of purchase*

*Grocery store tours or meal plan packages can only be completed after an initial session – not covered by insurance*

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