Lower Back Exercises

Cat/Camel- Do this everyday for a healthy back.

Bruggers Posture Exercise

1.) Sit on edge of a chair or stand in neutral position

2.) Elevate chest diagonally towards ceiling

3.) Bring shoulder blades together and downwards, letting shoulder roll back and arms hang down with palms open

4.) Look straight forward and position head in neutral position. Hold position with full belly-breathing for 30 seconds per hour, within pain-free tolerance

Curl Up–Floor -supine, one leg bent, hand under spine, elbows bent, slightly lift head and shoulders.

Ball Plank- feet wide, elbows bent stir the pot 3x each direction

Side Plank/Bridge – Top leg in front, upper arm grabs opp shoulder

Bird Dog- on knees and arms lifting oppposite hand and opposite leg then bring hand and leg in at the same time.

Yoga Twist-Reclining– Hold 10 seconds Repeat 5X

McKenzie Low Back Extension Exercises

Single Knee to Chest – Hold 10 seconds Repeat 5X

Double Knee to Chest – Hold 10 seconds Repeat 5X

Pelvic Tilt – Hold 10 seconds Repeat 5X

Superman routine - Repeat 5X

  1. Lift opposite hand, opposite leg – Hold 10 seconds - switch sides

  2. Lift both hands and both legs Hold 10 seconds

Pilates Single Leg Stretch - Goal 25 each side

Scissors – Count to 3 then switch; Goal is 25X


Cervical Retraction

Hold for 5-10 seconds - 5X each


Hold with resistance 5 -10 seconds - 5X each

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