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More than half the adult population suffers from low back pain each year. The lower back is highly susceptible to aches and pains because of the way it was designed. It’s an unstable part of the spine, giving us the range of mobility to bend over. However, with flexibility comes a greater risk of injury. You may have sustained an injury when improperly lifting something or playing sports, or you may have damaged your discs over time. Regardless of why you have painFidel Integrated Medical Solutions offers our patients back pain relief with our chiropractic services and care. 

Common causes of low back pain 

There are many causes of low back pain, including sprained muscles and even kidney infections. Some of the risk factors are lack of exercise or weak muscles, smoking, obesity, diseases like arthritis and cancer, anxiety and depression, and simply aging. 

These factors and others can lead to the development of muscular conditions such as sprains and strains, spasms, and stress. Bone-related issues are subluxation, a fancy word meaning a misalignment of the vertebrae, and herniated disks, which happen when the jellylike disks between two vertebrae slip out of place and push on nearby nerves. Also, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and arthritis are common causes. 

Prevention is your best bet to avoid serious back pain. This, unfortunately, may not be possible for you, especially if you have a disease or skeletal irregularity, or it may be too late. Besides exercising, building muscles, and losing weight, you can also work to improve your posture and support your back muscles by changing the way you sit, stand, and lift heavy objects. 

Chiropractic solutions 

We have seen and dealt with most of these causes. Chiropractic care is the most effective treatment to back pain. Medication, such as painkillers, only reduces your symptoms, while chiropractic care resolves pain at the source, which can be everything from your muscles, joints, and bones, to the connective tissue, such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.  

Your first appointment starts with questions about your medical history and then an examination of your back. This may involve diagnostic tests, if needed. Treatment can begin once it has been determined what the cause of the pain is and if it is safe for us to perform our usual manipulations on your spine. 

If it is deemed advisable, our doctors will work to reposition your spine for normal vertebral motion. This manipulation is intended to unlock your joints that may have been tightened due to a tissue injury from a fall or other injurious event, or from improper sitting and other stresses from repeated or chronic habits. We can and will collaborate with your medical doctor to find the best course of treatment for you and your condition.  

With our help, you can have a better back and have your full range of mobility again. 

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