Get Moving Again with Extremity Manipulation Therapy

What Is Extremity Manipulation?

Extremities can lose their proper alignment, which may cause pain and reduced mobility. With extremity manipulation, practitioners manually apply controlled pressure to joints throughout the body. The objective is to relieve pressure, reduce pain, and increase mobility. The level of intensity and forcefulness of the manipulation depends on the individual and the type of manipulative movement needed. Quick, abrupt motions are used to manipulate or adjust the joints back into their proper position. Any joint in the body can slip out of alignment, and extremity manipulation helps to correct misalignments and restore full range of motion.

At Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions in Pikesville, MD, we’ve taken more than a hundred hours of post-graduate instruction to learn how to identify and correct extremity misalignments. We’ve been helping patients for more than 30 years, and our team has extensive experience helping people overcome painful, stiff joints. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Extremity Manipulation

When your extremities are misaligned, it can cause discomfort and may limit your movement. With extremity manipulation therapy, a trained professional uses hands-on techniques to move joints back into proper position. Extremity manipulation can be used to treat headaches, neck pain, back pain, stiff joints, and pain. The technique helps reduce pressure and discomfort, and it also helps restore mobility. One of the biggest benefits of extremity manipulation is that it offers a non-surgical, non-medicated solution for discomfort and limited mobility.

The team at Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions has extensive experience with extremity manipulation. We utilize a technique that employs a high-velocity, low amplitude thrust. This type of extremity manipulation can provide relief for many issues, and in many instances, patients experience positive results before they leave our office. Contact us for details on extremity manipulation and the other chiropractic services and techniques we provide.

Areas of Extremity Manipulation Treatment

Extremity manipulation is used to treat joints outside of the spine, like the jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and feet. Any part of the body that has joints can become misaligned, and extremity manipulation effectively moves joints back into proper alignment.

Joints in the extremities may be injured in accidents, or simply suffer from age-related wear and tear, and areas of extremity manipulation may become stiff or painful without proper treatment to realign the joints. The short, abrupt movements of extremity manipulation push joints outside of their normal range of movement to improve mobility, lessen pain, and realign the joint. People suffering from headaches, aching joints, and joints that crack and pop can find substantial relief as a result of extremity manipulation.

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