Cold Laser Therapy in Pikesville, MD

Laser therapies have a wide range of medical applications, from relieving joint pain to repairing scar tissue. Through the years, these therapies have become more accurate, affordable, and accessible for patients seeking non-invasive care services. Cold laser therapy is one of the most common types of laser therapy available to patients in the chiropractic care setting, and it can facilitate significant healing for individuals suffering from chronic or acute pain. At Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions, you can discover the uses and benefits of cold laser therapy, which are briefly outlined below.

Cold Laser Therapy in Pikesville, MD

What does the cold laser do?

Cold laser therapy is a term to describe low-level laser therapy treatment with specific wavelengths that trigger cell responses in the body. The cold laser device your chiropractor uses is about the size of a flashlight, and it will emit light that travels through the skin and fat to target tissues in the musculoskeletal system. Muscle, bone, and connective tissues may all benefit from cold laser therapy, which triggers the healing response within certain cells to reduce inflammation, ease pain, and improve overall function. Cold laser therapy has been in use for several decades, and it is often part of successful pain management programs for many common conditions.

Which conditions can be addressed with a cold laser?

Because cold laser therapy simply provides energy for cells to regenerate and repair certain tissues, it has a wide variety of applications. Though cold laser therapy may not always cure the underlying cause of pain and inflammation in the body, it can reverse damage within a certain area and make way for more permanent treatments. Below is a list of just some of the most common applications for cold laser therapy at Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions.

Will cold laser treatment hurt?

One of the most distinct advantages of cold laser therapy is that treatment causes little to no sensation for the patient. It is also completely non-invasive, making it a low-risk procedure that can have a substantial impact on your pain symptoms. Though cold laser therapy does have the drawback of requiring several treatments to be most effective, it is often favored by patients for its higher level of comfort and safety.

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