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what is a chiropractor? A chiropractor is a medical professional specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous neuromuscular disorders and the adjustment of the spine. At Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions, our team is trained to provide solutions to these kinds of medical problems, as well as many others. We’ve been helping Baltimore, MD patients since 1987, and we look forward to providing you with pain relief and treatment as well.

Safe Solutions for Back Pain Relief

Back pain, neck pain, and chronic headaches are nothing short of a hassle. However, an experienced chiropractor can help you live a life free of this pain. Our treatments are comprehensive, and we work with patients struggling with bad posture, as well as those who have recently been involved in a car accident.

Providing Numerous Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical therapy is another of our popular offerings. Our on-site physical therapist is trained to help those who have been injured in a car accident, experienced a work-related injury, or have recently undergone surgery. Although the recovery process can be a challenge, our team is with you every step of the way.

Take Your Pick from Our Integrated Services

Some patients may benefit from one or more of our integrated services. These alternative treatment methods include everything from B12 injections to make you feel more energized to cold laser treatments to reduce inflammation. We also provide myofascial trigger point injections, sphenopalatine blocks, and much more.

Do You Need Help Losing Weight?

Many of us struggle to lose weight on our own. Fortunately, Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions offers a medical weight loss program to help you lose weight safely. Our experienced team will prepare a diet and exercise plan to help you reach your goals. Although individual results vary, many of our patients see a lasting difference.

Integrated Medical Services Include:

  • In-house X-rays
  • Payment plans designed to fit your budget
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • We accept most insurance plans, including CareFirst (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Johns Hopkins Aetna, AARP, and Medicare
  • Automotive injury and Workers’ compensation specialists are on staff
  • Two convenient locations to serve our patients in Pikesville and NW Baltimore County and City
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