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You only have one spine, so you should take proper care of it. The spinal cord runs through the vertebrae to send nerve impulses to your body. The neck itself starts at the base of the skull and is made up of seven small vertebrae that, combined, support your head. When you experience pain in your neck or upper back, the rest of your body is affected. Headaches, inflammations in the middle ear, or restricted range of motion are all results of neck problems.  

For these reasons, Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions strives to correct your spine through our various chiropractic services. 

Typical reasons for neck pain 

We make it our mission at Fidel Integrated Medical Solutions to provide the care and education you need to improve your life. Many people contribute to their own pain without knowing it.  

For example, hunching over or pushing your head forward at your desk puts stress on your spine, resulting in neck pain and upper body strain. 

Other common causes range from traumatic events, such as car-related injuries and sports-related injuries, to poor posture over time. Subluxation, or a misalignment of the vertebrae, and disk herniation, the slippage of the soft disks between two vertebrae, may also be the culprits. Or your neck and upper back pain could be from muscle tension brought on by stress. Many people clench their jaws or hold their necks tightly when under pressure. Myofascial trigger points, which are created by muscle injury or repetitive strain, are a frequent cause of headaches. These trigger points form when muscles contract, generating tightness and pain. 

Even the way you sleep, what you do for a living, how you carry your purse, and the position of your computer relative to your desk chairthings you may never think aboutcould play a role in your neck and upper back issues. 

Neck pain treatment  

When you come into our office for treatment, we will begin your appointment by asking you a series of questions, such as where you feel the pain and the nature of it (achy or shooting), what may have caused it, how long you have been sufferingwhat you have tried to relieve the pain, and if you have any known medical conditions. Then we will conduct physical and neurological examinations of your neck and back to determine the best treatment for you. During the physical exam, the doctor will feel your spine and check for any muscle spasms, as well as check the shoulder area. The neurological exam tests your reflexes, the strength of your muscles, and where the pain spreads. The doctor may also request an X-ray or MRI to assist the diagnosis. 

Once the diagnosis has been made, your doctor, if appropriate, will adjust your neck, often by hand. Your treatment plan may also involve mobilization, massage, or rehabilitative exercises. 

While we can’t reverse the effects of poor posture, our doctors can provide you relief. 

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